Fannie Fackle

Scheeming Loner, Fannie is a Survivor above all else





Born April 1, 1828.

Fannie has been married twice in her short life time her first husband died on the family farm on the outskirts of Arkham Massachusetts when he was mysteriously kicked in the head by his favorite horse “Sugar-Pie” a sweet and aging creature of reportedly gentle disposition.

William Cole, Fannie’s first husband, died of the wound within the week. He and Fannie had been married only two short months earlier on Fannies 15th birthday. Fannie quickly settled the affairs and, after having “Sugar-Pie” put down, sold the family farm and moved to Arkham.

Within 6 months she was pregnant with the children of Trapsey Fackle, a local war hero. They married in grand style and simultaneously became the talk of the town. Many suggested that it had been Fannie’s intent to kill Trapsey Fackle in the bedroom. But, much to her chagrin, Trapsey has shown surprising fitness, virility and fertility for a man in his 80s.

It was Fannie who suggested that the family move west. Perhaps to escape the gossip of the old wives of Arkham. Though the trip has been arduous, Trapsey Fackle has proven again to be’ surprisingly,, up to the task. Even demanding that Fannie perform her wifely duty and provide him with another child…

Fannie Fackle

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